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Entry #23

Starting a Collab

2008-06-25 22:11:31 by SuperNerd000

Hey guys! I decided to start the 'Randomness Collab'! Basically, it is a collab that anyone can join in on, and if your part is even only half-way decent, I'll put it in the movie unless we get too many parts. Just make a short clip, anything at all, whether funny, dramatic, or just totally random, put an 'icon' in it to show you made the part, and I'll put it in the movie!

(note, if you want be in it, post a comment saying so. Also, can someone tell me exactly how to 'combine' movies? This is my first collab)


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2008-06-25 22:18:55

oh man. i can already tell this collab is going to be HUGE.


2008-06-28 17:47:32

lol damn man, you're already making collabs! XD
i'd like to make a collab,but,you know, i cant draw and stuff, maybe ill have my partner do that for me >:)
saw you're valentine's thing and replayed it 10 times,XP you will do well if you keep up the kick ass work!

peace out!


2009-04-09 05:58:50

Could you put videos in? I finnally checked out your userpage! Nice to see your doing a collab.

SuperNerd000 responds:

thanks, I might actually get started on it if people are gonna join... though do you know how to put another clip into a flash movie?

also, did you post this comment to join or just to say you've noticed me?


2011-08-15 08:34:05

what's up my dude, i was looking through my old reviews and saw i reviewed your ultimate showdown quiz and thought i'd say heeeeey