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Starting a Collab

2008-06-25 22:11:31 by SuperNerd000

Hey guys! I decided to start the 'Randomness Collab'! Basically, it is a collab that anyone can join in on, and if your part is even only half-way decent, I'll put it in the movie unless we get too many parts. Just make a short clip, anything at all, whether funny, dramatic, or just totally random, put an 'icon' in it to show you made the part, and I'll put it in the movie!

(note, if you want be in it, post a comment saying so. Also, can someone tell me exactly how to 'combine' movies? This is my first collab)

Hey everybody, I have some good news and some bad news

good news: Im thinking of organizing a collab, to be named the "Randomness Collab", pretty much where you just make something really random about any topic you can think of, and anyone who has at least a little skill in Flash can join! all I ask is that there is no nudity or anything overly disturbing. Its the first collab ive ever organized (or been a part of, for that matter), so if someone could tell me exactly how this'll work, Id appreciate it.

bad news: I cant find the .fla for "Violence Rampage" (see earlier posts if you dont know what im talking about). I know I didnt delete it, but I cant seem to find it, so until further notice, consider that project to be cancelled

Happy Birthday to me!

2008-04-24 22:17:41 by SuperNerd000

Hey everybody, today, April 24, is my 15th birthday! HOORAY!


2008-04-17 23:50:26 by SuperNerd000

Hey, everybody, I am now lvl 10 and have over 500 REVIEWS (not in that order).

I am now what you might call a SUPER CRITIC!!!

also, the offer in my last news post still stands...


cheapest SSBB win EVER!!!

2008-04-10 20:14:45 by SuperNerd000

I was doing a stamina match against a level 9 Bowser as Mario, and I was getting my ass kicked! Then, a miracle struck, and I won by accidentaly using Mario's side B to get the cheapest win ever.

If you want the video I saved of the incident, leave a comment below with your friend code, and add me to your friends list, I'll even throw in the custom map I was playing on when it happened!

my friend code for Brawl is 5241-1593-3298


2008-03-29 10:07:50 by SuperNerd000

my friend code for Brawl is 5241-1593-3298


2008-03-22 23:59:06 by SuperNerd000

2 things have happened:

1) finally got my computer back, so yay
2) SSBB IS FINALLY OUT (i know it came out a week or two ago, i got it on the first day, but whatever)

a few things:

1)SSBB combined with my current Rock Band addiction will still cut work on Violence Rampage
2) the top three characters for me on Brawl are Toon Link, Sonic, and Ike

well, thats all i have for now (i might put my friend code up at a later date)

no computer for now

2008-02-29 21:03:54 by SuperNerd000

My computer has been taken away for no good reason at all... I'm currently using my mom's (pathetic) laptop to type this... so that means a few things...

1) even LESS work than before on Violence Rampage
2) pretty much no time (sadly) to lurk around Newgrounds

Also, I'm still addicted to the game Rock Band, if you wanna play with me (on 360), my Gamer Tag is SuperNerd000, and I pretty much play only on the weekends


2008-02-19 21:04:28 by SuperNerd000

I just got an AIM, and guess what? I have to use the name REALsupernerd000 because, somehow, SuperNerd000 is already taken... seriously, i doubt it is a coincidence, that it took the EXACT same name as, like, my main online name (seriously, my main online name IS SuperNerd000, it's my account name on like 5 other sites, and is my Xbox Live Gamertag)

excuse me while i rant some more... ok, done

also, school's still getting in the way of Violence Rampage

Violent V-Day Card!!!

2008-02-13 21:10:25 by SuperNerd000

I made a Valentine's Day card for Newgrounds, the land of love and violence!

View it here